All deliveries and collections will be non face to face, items will need to left out or in a safe place 5 minutes prior to our arranged collection time. Due to David being a transplant patient and has been shielding, there will be no direct contact.

Please arrange collection as much as possible in advance.
All ironing will be collected in your bag or basket and returned folded for return. Please ensure bag / basket is wiped clean before collection. 
We will not be using hangers at this time, please do not provide these as all items will be folded.
All payments will be via bank transfer. Minimum order of £20, any below will be rounded up.
Turnaround may need to be extended to 48hr+, return date and time will be sent via text message. 
Please do not arrange a collection if you have any symptoms or are self isolating.
We reserve the right to close at short notice.